rc racing action mat factory
Rc Racing Pit Mat
Racing equipment rubber mat pit mat work mat
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month
US $7.50 - US $10.50 / pieces
rc racing action mat/rc racing pit mat

Expand the Hennsery rc racing action mat and put a lot of things on it. I cleaned it several times and it did not decompose or catch fire. It is large enough to buffer the equipment of all repair stations. The rc racing pit mat is blue with a fashion logo in the lower right corner. The rc racing action mat is made of PVC and will not fall when the screws and locknuts are dropped onto the tightened surface. The rc racing action mat is very, very good organized.

Easy to clean, may or may not continue to use for the first time after opening.Therefore, please don't use mother's huge beach towel as a rc racing pit mat.Therc racing pit mat allows you to get a professional look and feel in the pit area.

Material: Durable heavy soft pvc rubber

OEM Logo:By moulded not by printed on,rc racing pit mat

Size: 32"x 18",rc racing action mat

Work for:*specially designed compartments for you to store loose parts

                 *anti slip to avoid your tool roll away

                 *Keep your working space clean and safe

Easy to clean: will get dirty but very easy to clean by washing, totally made from pvc rubber