Personalized Rubber Car Mats
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month
US $7.50 - US $10.50

Personalized Rubber Car Mats

Pro Circuit pit rug are designed to give your tunnel setup a"factory"appearance while protecting the ground and the environment. The custom-made Pro Circuit pit rugs are decorated with legendary logos and are made of PVC material that can quickly and easily stop liquid. The mat provides extra cushioning and comfort that the plastic mat version does not have, making the mat"mechanically friendly". It also help reduce the chance of nuts and bolts bouncing or falling into the soil.

We also produce personalized rubber car mats. Our personalized rubber car mats can be easily cleaned simply by spraying with a hose. Simply spray the dirt, mud, gravel and dirt on each mat to restore the mat’s gloss and shine every time you wash it. Durable use. It feels very comfortable while driving.

Material: Heavy duty  soft pvc rubber

Logo: Injected from mould,can use more than 5 years without any color fading

Size: 36"x 20",big enough suitable for both 1/8 and 1/10 scale cars.

Work for:* recessed sections to stop items such as tools and parts rolling off your work area.

                 *made from a tough rubber material that gives a hard wearing to protect your workbench

                 *large enough to work on most of RC vehicles or car

Easy to clean: pure pvc rubber very easy to wash and clean by hand or machine