Rubber Foot Mat For Car
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month
US $3.50 - US $4.00

Rubber Foot Mat For Car

The production process of PVC rubber foot mat for car is as follows:

1. Fabric dispensing and coloring,

Automatic drip molding machine is used to program various colors according to the product pattern. Automatic dispensing and coloring of fabrics.

2. Preliminary plasticization

When the glue dispensing is completed, the system automatically runs and sends the mold into the tunnel furnace for preliminary plasticization and fabric plasticization.

3. Cold mold

After plasticizing, rubber foot mat for car automatically enters the cooling zone, and after cooling, it is automatically sent to the filling process of the bottom material.

4. Bottom material filling

The automatic filling process of the bottom material has been set up according to the mold to automatically fill the bottom material, and it is just right and very accurate.

5. Baking molding

After the filling of the bottom material is completed, it will automatically enter the forming tunnel oven for baking and forming. The plasticizing time has been set according to the needs of the mold, so don't worry about not being familiar with it.

6. Cooling and shaping

It adopts refrigerating water to cool the shape, the mold automatically flows through the cold water tank, the mold temperature drops sharply, and the product is shaped immediately.

7. Stripping product inspection

When the mold is cooled down, it can be demoulded and inspected to complete the finished product.

Material:Heavy flexible pvc rubber

Color:blue can make any Oem color 

Design:Rising lines on the mat to make sure the water and dust on the shoes go away, rising around rim to make sure the mat can hold dirty thing, protect your floor

Size:40*40cm. can make any oem size

Easy to clean; 100% rubber material , without fabric , very easy to clean