car seat protector and kick mat oem
Anti Slip Car Trunk Mat
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month
US $3.50 - US $4.00 / pieces
car seat protector and kick mat/cleaning mat for shoes

Maybe many people know cleaning mat for shoes and seat cushions,but they are not familiar with car seat protector and kick mat for shoes, also called car trunk mat, refers to the cushion placed at the bottom of the car trunk. Car trunk mats can effectively protect the car trunk, prevent stolen goods or liquids from entering the trunk to erode the surface of the trunk, and also prevent the backup Sliding items in the box reduce the possibility of contamination and damage to the interior. After all,cleaning mat for shoes is more convenient and economical than cleaning the interior.

Material: Durable flexible pvc rubber

Color:Can make any oem pantone

Design: Rising lines on the mat to make sure the water and dust on the shoes go away, rising around rim to make sure the car seat protector and kick mat can hold dirty thing, protect your floor

Size: 40*40cm,car seat protector and kick mat

Easy to clean: Pure rubber material,without fabric,very easy to wash