Branded Bar Runners Mat
Size: 53.2*8.5*1CM; Material: FDA Grade Soft PVC/Silicone
200 pieces
60000pieces / Month

The branded rubber bar runners/beer runner mats/absolut bar mat

The branded bar runners mat can catch the beer coming out of the glass and prevent,branded runbber bar runners good for you.

What about the bar drain mat and branded bar runners facilities?

*There are some beer runner mats on the ground to prevent slippage,and most of the people who come to the absolut bar mat come home drunk.So pay attention to slip resistance.The branded rubber bar runners and beer runner mats,absolut bar mat include branded rubber bar runners are grateful.

*There is also a beer runner mats,which is usually covered with a bar drain mat,are branded bar runners to avoid accidents by accidentally bumping into it when guests are drunk.


ColorBlack,support custom branded bar runners
MaterialPvc/Silicone,bar drain mat,absolut bar mat
Oem LogoMoq is 200pcs for oem logo, size and color
Quick Sample Production3 days for making sample with oem logo, and 15 days for production
Free DesignIt is free to design your oem bar drain mat,branded rubber bar runners

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