bar mat
Personalized Bar Mat Runner
Size: 60*20*0.6CM; Material: Soft PVC/FDA Grade Silicone
200 pieces
60000pieces / Month
*High-quality soft pvc rubber bar mats: Has an enhanced frame and a striking logo,and is available in many different colors.Elegant and powerful,this is a professional equipment in hotels,clubs and bars.

*The sizes: Suitable for all sizes of bar countertops.The personalized bar mat runner is a mat used as a surface for mixed drinks on the top of the bar.The gap found in the bar games rubber bar mats trapped any spills during the mixing of the beverage.

*Special custom bar mats: Made of PVC with a reinforced frame and is easy to clean.We also accept custom bar mats and support customized color and logo.

Size60*20*0.6cm,accept customized rubber bar mats size
MaterialEco friendly soft pvc/silicone
LogoInject from mould not simple print,color can keep morn than 5 years,custom bar mats
Hold LiquidNibs design,very good for hold liquid,According to your needs to custom bar mats
Easy to washWhole mat made from soft pvc rubber bar mats,can wash very easily

bar mat factory
bar mat factory
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