hardware pinning mat oem
58*25.3*1cm Portable Pinning Mat
Size : 58*25.3*1cm; Material:thick soft pvc rubber ;professional work mat
500 pieces
60000pieces / Month

hardware pinning mat/portable pinning mat

Hennsery's newly designed portable pinning mat can solve all the problems and troubles encountered when rekeying cylinders. The thick and pointed portable pinning mat can hold and fix springs, pins, screws, etc.Deeper slots are used to accommodate various parts, and an area for marking comments and part numbers.The grid mode can help you track the progress while decoding the lock.An excellent hardware portable pinning mat can help you relieve the headache on the lock!We designed this new hardware pinning mat to include all the items you require. Extra thick, can provide deeper slots where you need it to be deeper. Additional positions for lock cylinder parts, key tools and lock accessories.

*Size : 58*25.3*1cm,hardware pinning mat

*Material: Thick heavy soft pvc rubber hardware pinning mat

*What this mat for : Master keying and grand master keying multiple lock cylinders.Hold 6 cylinder plugs and has 1 to 7 numbered pin cut outs for each cylinder.Protect your workbench or table.

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