heavy duty rubber mat oem
Locksmith Workbench Mat
60000 / Month
US $3.80 - US $4.50
heavy duty rubber mat/workbench mat

The workbench mat are an invaluable asset in any industry, but they are especially useful when you use tiny lock pins that are easy to lose. This Hennsery heavy duty rubber mat is specially designed for locksmiths' work and can be placed on a workbench or fixed on the surface of a mobile van or work truck.

This locksmith workbench mat can capture and retain hundreds of pins, saving you a lot of trouble.Used in key lock cylinders, this excellent mat solves many problems that locksmiths often face. It is large enough to create a workspace without occupying the entire workbench.

  • Size:60*40*0.5cm,heavy duty rubber mat
  • Material: Thick heavy soft pvc rubber ,durable to use,can use more than 5 years without color fading
  • Color: Yellow,can make any oem pantone color
  • The heavy duty rubber mat/workbench mat:
  1. With many small zones to put small pins or screw in
  2. The main work area has several walls and ridges to avoid tools roll away
  3. The back of the pinning mat is non-slip to avoid mat move on the workbench or tableworkbench mat manufacturer