large bar mat manufacturer
Rubber Bar Rail Mat
Yellow and Green Bar Rail Mat With Coaster
Size: 60*10*1CM; Material: Pvc/Silicone
200 pieces
60000pieces / Month
The large bar mat/barmat/bar drink mats/branded bar mats/best bar mat

*The large bar mat is made of environmentally friendly PVC soft rubber.The best bar mat has bright colors,lifelike image,clear patterns,exquisite and soft texture.The bar drink mats can be printed with Logo,text,phone,website,etc.

*Mainly used in bar counters,hotels,coffee shops,hot drinks shops,home bars,coffee tables,hotels,dance halls,ktv,etc.The barmat is non-slip,high temperature resistant,and can hold overflowing alcohol.The branded bar mats is a very practical product, especially for major beer and hot drink brands.

ColorYellow and green,best bar mat
MaterialEco-friendly soft pvc rubber barmat or large bar mat silicone
SizeThe bar drink mats size 60*10*1CM
CoasterThe branded bar mats can with cup coaster on side

large bar mat manufacturer
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