Workbench Anti Slip Mat
Size:500*300*5mm;Material:Pvc rubber.
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month

Workbench Anti Slip Mat

Workbench anti slip mats are ideal products for repairing telephones, laptops, computers, sports watches, cameras, smart toys, glasses and other small equipment. It can also be used for soldering irons, soldering electronic components, circuit boards, engraving handmade, etc.

The workbench anti slip mat is easy to clean with soap and water, and can even be wiped with alcohol.

  • Material: flexible heavy duty pvc rubber.
  • Good design:Different parts Keep small parts, tools and components organized during a repair,avoid loss or rolling Good for working on knives, watches our any other DIY project you are tinkering with.(It definitely beats losing the spring bars of your watch into the carpet).
  • Size:accept OEMsize ,500*300*5mm.
  • Logo and colors: Injected by mould not printed on , can use over 5 years without color fading.Workbench Anti Slip Mat