7.25 x 5 inch Work Table Mat
Mini Size : 7.25 x 5 inch; Material:thick soft pvc rubber ;professional work mat
500 pieces
60000pieces / Month

 7.25 x 5 inch Work Table Mat

The work table mat prevents glue from sticking to our desktops, protects our wooden DIY projects from damage, and makes cleaning our workshop easier.

Work table mats are an easy way to prevent messy glue overflow from damaging our work desks. The workbench mat can also protect our project from being dented or scratched during the assembly process. In addition, it can save time in cleaning up the workshop.

Mini Size : 7.25 x 5 inch; Good to use anywhere.

Material :Flexible pvc rubber,good"rubbery"feel.

Good design: gives just enough grip when on a table top to not slide around

Anti-slip: non-slip rubber material ,protect your workbench ,counter ect.

Easy to wash and clean: pure pvc rubber with any fabric, very easy to wash and clean

Work Table Mats