Lab Work Workbench Mat
100 pieces
60000pieces / Month
US $4.10 - US $4.50

​​​​​​Lab Work Workbench Mat

Hennsery lab workbench mats are very suitable for various types of laboratories and more specialized areas, such as cold rooms, clean rooms, sterile rooms and areas requiring high sterility. The mat helps simplify work processes, such as spinning blood tubes in a centrifugal workstation. The grid-like surface prevents small objects from moving and fixes objects, such as liquid reservoirs, pipette tip boxes, measuring plates, etc. Its personal size is easy to transport and allows users to easily create and protect temporary work areas, such as keeping the desktop clean and free from stains, spills and wear. Compared with disposable mats, lab workbench mats are reusable, which can help reduce waste, make them more environmentally friendly, and save money by eliminating the need for repeated purchases.

  • Material: Rubber PVC,heavy ,durable,easy clean,look great
  • Good design 
  • with multiple parts to make your tool in place and to avoid the loss of small items.
  • with large place in the middle to place big things
  • Size:58*40cm
  • Logo and colors: Injected from mould instead of printed on , can use many years without color fall offLab Work Workbench Mat